As concerned mothers and citizens, we hereby:

Call on the Inspector General of Police to direct the Nigerian Police to treat rape and defilement cases with the speed and seriousness such cases deserve, in order to ensure justice for victims.

We are also requesting that the Nigerian Police should be tactful and supportive in the handling of alleged sexual offences and take measures to prevent the intimidation of victims by families and associates of suspects.

We are also appealing for Rape and Sexual Offences desks to be created in Police Stations across the country where they do not exist, and that appropriately trained personnel are designated to provide timely support for victims, with attention paid to grassroots communities.

Implore the Attorney General of the Federation as well as State Attorney Generals to fast track cases of rape and defilement. We also urge the setting up of Special Offences Courts for rape and defilement cases, and for such cases to be charged to the courts and heard without undue delays.



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