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By the time Buhari finishes his tour of duty as President, he will be the greatest president Nigeria ever had. By Anthony Eberonwu.

  1. Just look at the strategic manner, he has handled the Sheikh ZakZaky’s. With the court bail, the Sheikh left Nigeria in a wheel chair and returned in just 4 days walking with his two legs. Femi Falana lied himself into oblivion and worthlessness, by the strategic action of this government. Kudos Mr President.
  2. The manner he quelled the ipob uprising in the east. One strategic strike, codenamed EgwuEke, order was restored in the Eastern heart land. Without that, Onitsha and Aba and other cities of the East would have been marooned in desolation. These cities would have been more isolated that the cities of port Harcourt and Warri after the Militancy. Instead of our guys from the East praising him for this escape from brigandage, they are vilifying him. It was a great move.
  3. The insistence on local Government Autonomy. With up to three constitutional amendments, governors, refused this to see the light of the day, But @mbuhari tactically manoeuvre through the NFIU and outflanked and out fixed out governor, who since the introduction of democracy has enslaved and kept the local government under their permanent suzerainty. Now we are seeing local government autonomy gradually taking root.
  4. Judiciary and legislative autonomy, this too is gradually taking shape. See how necessary this is, the president used his executive order line of power to initiate this action, and with time, these two great aspects of governance will be rescued from d choke hold of governors.
  5. His efforts at encouraging Nigerians feeding Nigeria, this is again taking root. We are growing rice to a sizeable proportion, before 2023 God willing we will turn into a net exporter of rice, sesame seed and other agricultural products, even palm oil, with which the Eastern Region sustained itself and built great cities like Port Harcourt, Enugu, Onitsha and Aba is being encouraged through our Central bank. No he has asked that we face our dairy production, so that we can produce enough milk for our children & 4 our food and confectionery industry. By the time u know it we will be producing enough milk for export too.

The greatest part of this Nigerianization initiative of Buhari, is that individuals will start to establish cottage industries in their rooms, and parlours and garages, producing quality items needed by Our citizens. India did it in the 70ties and 80 ties. You cannot carry more than two wristwatches into India, you cannot take more than two cameras into India. India locked herself away from the rest of the world, never drinking coca cola, until they were able to manufacture and Things for themselves.

This President is gradually but surely steering us out of our profligate lifestyle of yesterday, driving us into relying on ourselves to a great extent for our needs and engaging ourselves in jobs, artisanship and other means of survival. We must work to To support his effort. I know that it is only a dirt hand that brings about an oily mouth, that is what the president is saying by his Nigerianization effort.

Let these voodoo economists that are prowling our land scape leave us alone @mbuhari is applying his wazobia economics to Pull us out of our current hardship,it is home grown and must be supported by all Nigerians. We have tried the best economic theories of the world since 1983, and we are still at the same point. Let’s join hands with president Buhari & build a better Nigeria. We will enjoy it.
Anthony Eberonwu.

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