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“Death is forever. But so are diamonds”- Ian Fleming

This picture appears powerful to me.
A picture that speaks more than a thousand words.

Like, good bye, man.
Au revoir, materials.
I have transited to the great beyond.

When you are set to leave that big premises of the University of Ilorin, at the main gate of the school, you’ll find an inscription that reads,
“ It is not bye-bye. But see you again”,
that is for humans leaving the place for another place on Earth.

But for Death, it is always bye forever.
Legacies left behind is what stir memories.
The Bible say:
. the memory of the just lives Forevermore

  • blessed is the memories of the just.


  • positive
  • negative
  • nothing

Ian Fleming was right when he said,
“ Death is forever”.
May God grant the departed soul a beautiful repose and may we be so comforted to be strength to learn from those who have gone ahead of us


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