Ekiti 6th Assembly, Best Ever: Afuye says as He commends Osiomole


Ekiti 6th Assembly, Best Ever: Afuye says as He commends Osiomole

The Speaker of Ekiti State House of Assembly, Rt Hon Funminiyi Afuye has described the entire members of the State legislative arm as the best in the history of the State.

Speaking on Ekiti Television (EKTV) programme; Day Break Nigeria , Afuye who described his other colleagues as having noble pedigree, also commended the National Chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Comrade Adams Osiomole.

”Irrespective of whatever anyone may say about the APC Chairman, I see him as a hero and a successful man without whom our party would have collapsed,” the Speaker said. He also opined that for the mere fact that Osiomole led the party to win the presidency for APC, was enough to deserve commendation.

Reacting to what Ekiti State government would like to do differently this time around, the Ikere Ekiti born lawmaker disclosed that this government would bring back the core value of Ekiti people. He said that the previous government chased away the following institutions; Guaranteed Trust Bank, Gossy water, Cocacola, DFID, Eco Bank among other legacies. All these, Dr Kayode Fayemi has come to restore in this second term and the house will pass enabling laws to make all these achievable.

Describing Fayemi as an international man, Afuye said things had already started forming shape going by the negotiation with the African Development Bank (AfDB) to reconstruct Akure/Ikere road. Dr Fayemi, the Speaker said, was an international personality who would always use his influence to draw investors to Ekiti.

He commented on the importance of technical education as the way forward saying that ”all of us cannot go to the university. With the government initiative to make vocational and technical training attractive, this will make many of our youth out there to be fully engaged”.

Speaking further about the quality of the current assembly, the speaker who was also the Leader of Business in the 3rd Assembly, noted that all the current assembly members ”are selfless and have interest of the State at heart”. According to him none of them is pursuing personal agenda but over all interest of the State. This, he said, informed why all the six resolutions of the House made so far to be people oriented.

The Speaker stated that if Ikogosi had been allowed to survive by the last regime, it would have become a huge revenue generation base for the State. Ekiti, according to him was a blessed State with centres of tourism which were underutilized.

Concerning the autonomy of the legislature, the speaker described it as the logic way of separation of power but not to make the legislature independent to the extent of becoming a bully. He said there was no basis for being at each other’s throat.

“If every arm of government performs its duties in collaboration and in consultation with one another, there would not be any basis for any conflict”

Speaking on the Yoruba socio cultural group, Afenifere, Afuye who, himself is a chieftain of Afenifere traced the history of Christianity to Jesus just like he traced that of Afenifere to late Chief Obafemi Awolowo. He said that just as Christians live their lives to emulate what Jesus lived and died for, so also Afenifere people emulate what Chief Awolowo lived and died for which were regional autonomy and good governance. ”So what Afenifere went to do at the Presidency yesterday was in the interest of Yoruba people. I can see my friend criticizing them but the question is: when the party he supported was there what did they do for the Yoruba race? Why didn’t they effect all those changes he was talking about?” Afuye queried

The speaker noted that Buhari had learnt a great lesson which was a departure from his past military background. He gave the President pass mark on corruption, insisting that ”Buhari has done well. Dariye is a member of our party and where is he today? Let’s take statistics of those convicted so far you will discover that the president has really been fair, ” he said.


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