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Enforcement of the Ekiti State Property Protection ( Anti Land Grabbing) Law 2019.

  1. The Governor of Ekiti State on 4th June, 2019 signed into Law the Ekiti State Property Protection ( Anti Land Grabbing) Law 2019.
  2. The purpose of this law is to prohibit illegal occupation of landed property and criminalise
    fraudulent transactions in relation to landed properties in Ekiti State.
  3. Since the enactment of the law, the Ministry of Justice has been inundated with complaints about unwholesome practices in transactions relating to the sale of landed properties across Ekiti State.
  4. In response to these complaints, the Honourable Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Ekiti State has set up a Landed Properties Transaction Complaints Unit , to receive complaints from aggrieved persons who have been victims of unlawful sale of land, illegal occupation of land and related matters.
  5. Aggrieved persons are advised to forward their complaints in writing to: Landed Properties Transaction Complaints Unit Office of the Attorney General, Ministry of Justice (Phase III, State Secretariat Ado Ekiti). ATTENTION: Tosanbami Odudu (Team Leader)
  6. The communication must include all relevant documents relating to the sale of land. The specific location of the property and purchase receipt. The name, physical address and telephone number of the person(s) or Company against whom the complaint is being made must be clearly stated.
  7. Where necessary the complainant may be required to attend court hearings and give evidence in support of criminal proceedings.
  8. Notice is hereby given that persons who submit frivolous and unwarranted communications knowing such to be false may be liable to prosecution. L.B. Ojo
    Solicitor General/Permanent Secretary
    Ministry of Justice,
    Ekiti State

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