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The Federal Ministry of Justice through the Attorney-General of the Federation, Mr Abubakar Malami, SAN, recently appointed an Agent to identify and recover possession of landed properties belonging to the Federal Government of Nigeria within all the States of the Federation and which are currently being used and occupied by unauthorized persons who do not have the license or authority of the Federal Government of Nigeria to occupy the properties.

The Agent has identified 149 properties currently being occupied by unauthorized persons and over 120 of the properties are located within Ikoyi, Lagos State (We extracted a list of the 149 properties from the originating court processes and you can click here to access the list of the properties). The Agent has also commenced a lawsuit at the High Court of Lagos State for the recovery of possession of the properties through order 57 of the Civil Procedure Rules of the High Court of Lagos State.

List of Properties Affected By the Federal Government’s Suit No. ID/2543LMW/2020— Nurudeen & Co. Nigeria Limited v. The Occupier/Persons in Occupation

  1. 6, Ayoola Coker Street, GRA, Ikeja
  2. 14, Oba Akinjobi Road, GRA, Ikeja
  3. 18, Esugbayi Street, GRA, Ikeja
  4. 38, Adekunle Fajuyi Street, GRA, Ikeja
    5 40, Adekunle Fajuyi Street, GRA, Ikeja
  5. 41, Adekunle Fajuyi, Street, GRA, Ikeja
  6. Parcel of Land (FMW Road Camp), Dr. Nurudeen Olowopopo Street, Near Lagos Secretariat, Ikeja
  7. Nipost Office Mushin
  8. Nipost Land Mushin
  9. 8A, Bedwell Avenue Ikoyi
  10. 3, Bourdillon Road, Ikoyi
  11. 6, Bourdillon Road, Ikoyi
  12. 10-11 Bourdillon Road, Ikoyi
  13. 16-18 Bourdillon Road, Ikoyi
  14. 34, Bourdillon Road, Ikoyi
    16 26, Cameron Road, Ikoyi
  15. 27A, 27B, 27C, Cameron Road, Ikoyi 18 27C, Cameron Road, Ikoyi
  16. 28A, 28B, 28C, Cameron Road, Ikoyi
  17. 32A, Cameron Road, Ikoyi
  18. 32B, Cameron Road, Ikoyi
  19. 32C, Cameron Road, Ikoyi
  20. 37, Cameron Road, Ikoyi
  21. 38, Cameron Road, Ikoyi
  22. 40, Cameron Road, Ikoyi
  23. 45, Cameron Road, Ikoyi
  24. 5A, Club Road, Ikoyi
  25. 17A, Cooper Road, Ikoyi
  26. 17B, Cooper Road, Ikoyi
  27. 17C, Cooper Road, Ikoyi
  28. 29, Cooper Road, Ikoyi
  29. 33A, Cooper Road, ikoyi
  30. 36A, Cooper Road, Ikoyi
  31. 2A, Falomo, Ikoyi
  32. 2, Fowler Road, Ikoyi
  33. 4, Fowler Road, Ikoyi
  34. 6, Fowler Road, Ikoyi
  35. 8, Fowler Road, Ikoyi
  36. 1, George Street, Ikoyi
  37. 2A, George Street, Ikoyi
  38. 4A, George Street, Ikoyi
  39. 4B, George Street, Ikoyi
  40. 6, Glover Street, Ikoyi
  41. 7, Glover Street, Ikoyi
  42. 9, Glover Street, Ikoyi
  43. 11, Glover Street, Ikoyi
  44. 18B, Glover Street, Ikoyi
  45. 25, Glover Street, Ikoyi 49. 26, Glover Street, Ikoyi
  46. 27A, Glover Street, Ikoyi
  47. 33, Glover Street, Ikoyi
  48. 37B, Glover Street, Ikoyi
  49. 43A, Glover Street, Ikoyi
  50. 43B, Glover Street, Ikoyi
  51. 46A, Glover Street, Ikoyi
  52. 46B, Glover Street, Ikoyi
  53. 50A, Glover Street, Ikoyi
  54. 50B, Glover Street, Ikoyi
  55. 50C, Glover Street, Ikoyi
  56. 50D, Glover Street, Ikoyi
  57. 51, 52 & 53, Glover Street, Ikoyi
  58. 52, Glover Street, Ikoyi
  59. 57, Glover Street, Ikoyi
  60. 57A, Glover Street, Ikoyi
  61. 3A-38, 48, Glover Road, Ikoyi
  62. 4A, Hawksworth Road, Ikoyi
  63. 4B, Hawksworth Road, Ikoyi
  64. 7A, Hawksworth Road, Ikoyi
  65. 1, Ikoya Avenue, Ikoyi
  66. 10, Ikoya Avenue, Ikoyi
  67. 15A, Ikoya Avenue, Ikoyi
  68. 19A, Ilabere Avenue, Ikoyi
  69. 19B, Ilabere Avenue, Ikoyi
  70. 3, Inner Crescent, Ikoyi 75. 1A, Lugard Avenue, Ikoyi
  71. 4, Lugard Avenue, Ikoyi
  72. 6A, Lugard Avenue, Ikoyi
  73. 14A, Lugard Avenue, Ikoyi
  74. 15A, Lugard Avenue, Ikoyi
  75. 18B, Lugard Avenue, Ikoyi
  76. 18C, Lugard Avenue, Ikoyi
  77. 22A, Lugard Avenue, Ikoyi
  78. 23A, Lugard Avenue, Ikoyi
  79. 24A, Lugard Avenue, Ikoyi
  80. 27A, Lugard Avenue, Ikoyi
  81. 27B, Lugard Avenue, Ikoyi
  82. 29A, Lugard Avenue, Ikoyi
  83. 29B, Lugard Avenue, Ikoyi
  84. 17A, Lugard Avenue, Ikoyi
  85. 5, Maroko Close, Ikoyi
  86. 1, McGregor Road, Ikoyi
  87. 2B, McGregor Road, Ikoyi
  88. 3A, McGregor Road, Ikoyi
  89. 4A, McGregor Road, Ikoyi
  90. 7, McGregor Road, Ikoyi
  91. 6AA, Milverton Road, Ikoyi
  92. 6AB, Milverton Road, Ikoyi
  93. 6AC, Milverton Road, Ikoyi
  94. 6AD, Milverton Road, Ikoyi
  95. 15, Milverton Road, Ikoyi, 101. 20A, Milverton Road, Ikoyi
  96. 1, Moore Road, Ikoyi
  97. 32, Queens Drive, Ikoyi
  98. 4B, Moore Road, Ikoyi
  99. 9, Moore Road, Ikoyi
  100. 11, Moore Road, Ikoyi
  101. 1, Mosley Road, Ikoyi
  102. 3, Mosley Road, Ikoyi
  103. 4, Mosley Road, Ikoyi
  104. 7-8, Mosley Road, Ikoyi
  105. 3B, Osborne Road, Ikoyi
  106. 5, Osborne Road, Ikoyi
  107. 6, Osborne Road, Ikoyi
  108. 7, Osborne Road, Ikoyi
  109. 11-11A, Osborne Road, Ikoyi
  110. 13, Osborne Road, Ikoyi
  111. 23, Queens Drive, Ikoyi
  112. 5, Reeve Road, Ikoyi
  113. 14-16, Reeve Road, Ikoyi
  114. 7A, Ruxton Road, Ikoyi
  115. 7AA, Ruxton Road, Ikoyi
  116. 9B, Ruxton Road, Ikoyi
  117. 12, Ruxton Road, Ikoyi
  118. 12A, Ruxton Road, Ikoyi
  119. 12B, Ruxton Road, Ikoyi
  120. 13, Ruxton Road, Ikoyi 127. 17, Ruxton Road, Ikoyi
  121. 18, Ruxton Road, Ikoyi
  122. 4A, Ruxton Road, Ikoyi
  123. 5, Second Avenue, Ikoyi
  124. 5A, Shaw Road, Ikoyi
  125. 5B, Shaw Road, Ikoyi
  126. 7B, Temple Road, ikoyi
  127. 7B, Temple Road, Ikoyi
  128. 3A, Thompson Avenue, Ikoyi
  129. 19, Turnbull Road, Ikoyi
  130. 8, Bank Road, Ikoyi
  131. 30, Queens Drive, Ikoyi
  132. Queens Drive, Ikoyi (Court of Appeal Land)
  133. 3, Macpherson Street, Ikoyi
  134. 7, George Street, Ikoyi
  135. 5A & 5B, Ikoya Avenue, Ikoyi
  136. 24, Mekuwen Street, Ikoyi
  137. 213A, Igbosere Road, Lagos
  138. 6, Ayoola Coker Street, GRA, Ikeja
  139. Nipost Agege
  140. Nipost Mushin
  141. Parcel of Land at 1004 Estate, Victoria Island
  142. NEPA Land Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1

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