I laugh at the naivety of many married women, especially the virtuous, Christian women.- Adesola Ayo-Aderel


Twitter was abuzz a few days ago on account of much revered Pastor Adeboye’s counsel to his married son to sack his female secretary after the young man confessed to having a crush on her.

It’s stories like this that make me laugh at the naivety of many married women, especially the virtuous, Christian women.

Granted that an unfaithful man will engage in philandering, even if he’s married to the most beautiful woman in town, truth is, many married women, especially the virtuous ones, don’t think it’s necessary to look good inside out.

Isn’t it laughable that the same man who chose to marry a woman who doesn’t use jewelry, make-up, do glamorous hair or wear trendy clothes fervently looks forward to seeing a secretary who is complete opposite of his virtuous wife?

I laugh when married [Christian] women think it’s a waste of time and resources to shape up by trimming down, doing facials, pedicure and manicure.

Even when some of them can afford it, they find it ‘unheavenly’ to invest on decent clothes. Their fashion begins and ends with traditional iro, buba & gele if they’re Yoruba; or the multi-layer wrappers of the southeast; or boubou of no consequential style, and such like.

Many Christian women don’t wear moderately high heels because, well, it is carnal.

You know the typical pastor’s wife by her weight, which usually tends to the extremes. Where they’re not obscenely fat, they’re ridiculously thin. Tell the fat ones to trim down for health sake, and hear them tell you lovingly how their pastor-husbands adore them for their looks.

The result is that pastor-husband regularly looks forward to seeing a shapely secretary who simply looks professional because she occupies her boss’s front office and therefore doubles as his PRO and therefore needs to look decent without any frivolity to her.

A philandering man has no excuse, no doubt; but the [virtuous] Christian woman would do herself a world of favour by taking care of her looks. If that reins in roving eyes, then it’s praise-worthy.


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