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Introducing MyLambu…MyLambu is a mobile app that is building a platform for fruits and vegetable rural farmers

My tour of the Innovation Hubs in the North East has revealed so many opportunities, top on the list will surely be my discovery of these two amazing young ladies.

On my left is Kyellu Emmanuel Tsamdu, a Telecommunication Engineering graduate of Regent University Accra Ghana…
On my right is Arfat Mohammed Sabo, an Information Technology and Business Information Systems graduate of Middlesex University…

Kyellu is a Christian from Madagali LG of Adamawa State while Arfat is a Muslim from Yola North LG of Adamawa State.

(Yes, they both reside in YOLA!!!!)

Kyellu is the CCO (Chief Communication Officer) while Arfat is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of MyLambu…

MyLambu is a mobile app that is building a platform for fruits and vegetable rural farmers (mostly women victims of insurgency) around the North East..

The vision is to link the rural farmers with an organised market in major cities around Nigeria, after organising them into cooperatives, providing financial inclusion to ensure prompt payments for their economic development.

I asked both of them why are two apparently immensely qualified young girls with highly sought-after degrees doing in Yola?

Their response blew me away:

They decided to build a business for the following reasons; (Their Why)..

  1. To change the narration about the northern woman.
  2. To pay back for the investment made by their parents and community in seeing that they got the type of education they have in spite of the challenges of insurgency etc (Kyellu has not been to her village in Madagali for so many years).
  3. To serve as inspiration to other girls in the north that quality education is non negotiable.
  4. To promote the participation of girls in Tech. (Arfat leads GirlsinTech in the area).
  5. And most importantly, they did a research and discovered that most women rural farmers of fruits and veggies suffer wastages, exploitation from middle men and poor returns…(come hear statistics and data, what?)

They met at one of the Innovation Hubs and decided to go into business together after realizing they share a common passion to make a difference.

I’m proud to be associated and considered a mentor and an inspiration.
It’s an absolute honor.

I have signed up to be part of this story. (It’s a no brainer)

Watch this space as we build another Blockbuster Business by the special Grace of God.

By the way, Lambu is a hausa word for an orchard, garden or an irrigated farm.

Watch out for these two amazing young ladies…

Watch out for MyLambu (certified to be another hit by the Hustler General of the Federation)



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