LG Elections: Ategbero supports Bode Adetunji (Skidow).


The coming local government elections of 7th December, 2019 is very unique in the history of our party since the advent of this political dispensation in 1999.

It will be recalled that the first local government elections that our great party participated in was conducted on the 5th December, 1998 throughout Nigeria.
Our party, Alliance for Democracy (AD) at that time had the overwhelming majority in all the elections conducted in Southwest of Nigeria. I had the singular privilege of winning the 1998 election as the Executive Chairman of Efon local government, in Efon Alaaye, Ekiti State of Nigeria.

From that time up till this very moment, I remain the only elected Chairman of Efon local government on the platform of this party, from AD to APC. Please, note that the party is still the same, what kept changing was the nomenclature. It is heartwarming to note that another lucky person that will be so elected on the platform of this party is Engr. Bode Adetunji Skidow, who by the grace of God and the overwhelming support of our party members has become the candidate of our great party in the elections of 7th December, 2019.

I congratulate our amiable Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, who has graciously allowed democracy to come back to the third tier of government in Ekiti state, particularly in our party, after such a very long period of time. History shall record His Excellency, as the first Governor who conducted Democratic elections into local government councils in our party in Ekiti state.

God bless Ekiti state. God bless Nigeria.


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