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Muslim Association of Nigeria, UK chapter set to build new mosque

The Muslim Association of Nigeria, United Kingdom chapter has disclosed its plans to demolish the Old Kent Road Mosque and build a new six-storey one.

The Association stated that the current building where the mosque is located has existed for over 100 years, while noting that the premises had become inadequate to continue serving its flourishing community in the best way possible.

The information was disclosed in a statement signed by the management.

According to the management, the worshippers have outgrown the mosque, which has accommodated them for almost 30 years and the building has now reached the end of its operational lifespan.

The statement said: “The Old Kent Road Mosque, whilst serving a diverse congregation, is home to London’s oldest Nigerian Muslim community and have been blessed with a thriving congregational hub in the heart of South London.

“Our current building has existed for over 100 years and was acquired as an abandoned pub in the early 90s.

“Since then, our community has grown exponentially, Our current premises have become inadequate for us to continue serving our flourishing community in the best way possible.

“We have outgrown our current building which has accommodated us for almost 30 years and the building has now reached the end of its operational lifespan.

“We wish to provide the best resources to our worshippers and realise continued positive change through our educational, youth, elders, interfaith and community focused-programmes.

“We wish to provide even more worshippers through our doors and get more people involved with our various schemes.

“These reasons outline our rationale for the project.

“We plan to demolish our existing three-storey building and build a new six-storey Mosque, Insha, Allah.

“The redevelopment of the mosque will double our current prayer space areas for men and women; expand our Islamic Studies School (Markaz); feature sports and youth facilities; and help strengthen our outreach within our community.

“Our congregation members come from different walks of life and our doors are open to all.

“We truly appreciate the diversity of our people who each enrich the community spirit for our Mosque.

“We promote spiritual development, community engagement and mutual respect for all.

“Alhamdulilah, our community our community has raised just over £1 million towards this venture and we require additional £1 million to complete the initial phase of the redevelopment.

“A further £6 million will be required to complete the new Masjid rebuild (Phases 2 and 3).

“Please help support our growing community and don’t miss out on the opportunity to invest in your Akhirah and attain the pleasure of the Almighty.

“May Allah SWT purify our intentions and accept our endeavours as a form of ibadah Ameen. Jaza ‘kumuLlahu Khairan.”

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