Prof J. O. Oluwasanmi; on the nomination of HE, Otunba Richard Adeniyi Adebayo as a Minister


How can I write on Otunba Niyi Adebayo without being emotional ?

I was his commissioner for health 1999-2003.

People can say that I know him.

Ekiti has not had a humble, patriotic and totally devoted governor like him since the new civilian dispensation.
He governed before petrol money monthly sharing at Abuja yet his accomplishments are yet to be broken or equalled. He started about 6 six new Hospitals, a new School of Nursing, the Medical School that is just graduating its first set of students (For the delay, thanks to Fayose and the tardiness of govts to released money to accelate conditions for accreditation). Knowing the paucity of funds, he did not build projects like new government house or new Governor’s office or monster things like unnecessary fly-overs but he started dualization at Ado.

He also started & almost completed a new money making 5 star Hotel which Fayose change to his office etc
He put grace, dignity and togetherness to governance, not like modern day know it all and know it alone that we have since been unfortunate to contend with.

He lost the ensuing election due to the chicanery of foxy Obasanjo.
For this appointment thank you Mr. President.


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