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SERVANT-AUTHORITY GOVERNING MODEL: Seye Adetunmbi’s bid for #Ekiti2022 governorship. #EkitiNewsToday

There is need for a change of attitude by the people in government such that the people can benefit maximally from democracy. Our elected people with political power must admit in words and deeds that they are in government for the good of the masses and that the people and the electorate are the boss.

Also, the electorate would need to be more discerning in choosing their political leaders. If they don’t look at the bigger pictures, they will continue to elect the wrong people to office and face the consequences in perpetuity. That is why the popular saying that people deserve the kind of ruler that govern them is very apt.

Character and motive of the political leaders reflect mostly in their output in government. The 1999 constitution that has been the main issue in Nigeria today doesn’t stipulate that Fulani must dominate or occupy the majority of key positions, it is the making of the person in charge. It is therefore imperative to profile those seeking to be elected to office, check out their antecedents and disposition.

In essence, when we choose well, our political leaders in the states and at the national level through the ballot, the governed will be better off and there will be considerable progress on all fronts in our nation. Anyone without selfless service disposition may likely carry on as a lord if elected to a high ranking office. In a period like this, those we need to be in government in Nigeria of today are responsible people who want to serve in the true sense of it. Real service to the people means self denial and if you are not so inclined, back off from getting involved in government.

With all humility, I have put my thoughts down in a booklet towards the 2022 governorship race in Ekiti. Hard copies have been delivered to the palaces of the kings in the 138 Ekiti towns and villages, copies have been dispatched to most of the leading lights in the Ekiti elitist class, some of the political party chieftains in the 177 wards and other stakeholders have got copies. For wider reach to all ranks of stakeholders, the soft copy in pdf is attached herewith while it can also be read online on Amazon e-book portal. 

Feedbacks will be appreciated and the provided relevant additional inputs on how to turn things around in Ekiti will be included in the blueprint being put together by Atokeibeirosi Strategy Group.

It is about proclaiming a well-thought out message on a sustainable productive governance for the people so that they can take an informed decision on the choice of the party flag bearer; and elect at the general election, a resourceful governor with a clearly articulated roadmap, upfront. This is a strategic information dissemination to community leaders, opinion molders and the rank and file in the democratic process towards getting the acts of the electorate together.

I humbly urge our political leaders to facilitate choosing-right for the people so that we can all live together in harmony and with a peaceful mind among our people. 

Lasting good governance is about serving larger interests conscientiously in truth and in deed. Whoever is not inclined to be a servant-leader shouldn’t be voted to office at all tiers of government. Where there is need for improvement, we make deliberate efforts to do more and get the desired result. That’s what the advocated paradigm shift is all about.

A ju se o🙏🏾

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