I mount the Podium to say this first. My repeated claim that I am a Child of God has become a burden to almost all the media guys of Governor Emeka Ihedioha. They appear rattled with that harmless claim which however carries atomic bomb or dynamite. And I have always said, if they think it is an ordinary claim, let them try it and see if they would not develop whitlow or boils or pile or cancer of the tongue and lips. I make that claim without reservations. But they cannot do that without reservations. They accuse me of envying Ihedioha over his governorship, but they envy me over my claim that I am a Child of God. And they have tried to puncture that claim but all to no avail. It is a spiritual thing. And not physical. They have my sympathy. They do not understand. They do not know. And how I wish they would know. When they know, the governorship thing becomes nothing. That is the truth. We can now hit the ground running.     
The beautiful story of Akachi tower and the urge or desire or desperation or the pressure to pull it down by the PDP government in the State led by Governor Emeka Ihedioha. You can also say, the fate of Akachi Tower under the current PDP government in the State with Chief Ihedioha on the driver’s seat. Akachi Tower or The Hand of God Tower. Follow me closely.
The location or the site of Akachi Tower is an interesting story of its own. It is the major part of the Akachi tower project. Giving account of the Akachi tower without talking about the site or location would ultimately mean jumping the gun. That would be a serious omission. And omission by Commission. Reason being that the story of every venture or every human endeavour begins somewhere. There must be a foundation. Nothing begins in a vacuum.
The site where the Akachi Tower is standing today was the major refuse dump of the State. It was the largest refuse dump in the State right from the Creation of the State in 1976. It was a written-off area. And nobody could have imagined that one day, the story of the place would change for good. Real good. And due largely to the pyramid of refuse there, it became a “tourist” Centre or camping ground for criminals. If you call it a “heaven” for bandits, you are still with us. A lot of ugly things happened there. And the reports were coming about the worrisome or disturbing happenings there. The same place the Akachi tower is today.
When you see a man with passion and of course with vision, you would invariably know. And if you ask for my candid opinion, I would contend that Rochas Okorocha, to all intents and purposes, is a man with passion for whatever he wants to do. And of course, a man with vision. I do not wish to subject these statements of fact to the analysis of both unknown and known opponents. But the truth must be told. And only those who tell the truth can build a nation, like yours sincerely.
Where those who had governed the State before Rochas saw mountain of refuse, and never thought about what to do with the place, Owelle saw beyond the refuse. That is also why I laugh when people talk about the amount used to erect the Akachi tower. They never knew or they pretended not to know that evacuating the heap of refuse that was as old as the State must have cost fortunes. Before Rochas, no Imo man or woman had envisaged that one day the refuse dump would be useful. Rochas Okorocha made it to happen and with the right revelation from God.
Rochas decided to change the place from being “tourist” centre or “park” for criminals to being tourist centre for all men and women of good spirit or good tidings. Hence, the erection of Akachi tower. Which he completed and was commissioned by the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, with tourists already besieging the place for both leisure and pleasure. To Imo people, that was a rare achievement. That was the scenario until the current PDP government came.
Twenty-four hours after the inauguration of Chief Emeka Ihedioha as governor, Caterpillars were deployed to go and demolish the Akachi tower. Imo people, in unison, cried foul. Nigerians cried foul. The world also cried foul. Everything that has voice cried foul. Some cried foul, foul, foul. That was not the best action. And being the first official duty after inauguration was adjudged absurd or awkward. That was how Akachi Tower was saved from touching the crowd. But the invaders had inflicted serious cut or injuries on the symbolic hand of God. And with the general outcry, the State government denied involvement in the annoying action. But to those who could read the hand writing on the wall, Mene, Mene, Tekel, Urphasin, the government actually did that. And that contention got recharged when the government failed or refused to arrest anybody in connection with that nauseating action. And with the efforts to demolish it remaining concerted.
Aside the initial move that failed, with parts of the tower removed, agents of the government have continued to dismantle the edifice in bits, even at nights. They have been so secretive in their subsequent steps to bring the Akachi tower down. This time, they are no more denying involvements but trying to justify their actions. Their determination to demolish Akachi Tower. Some of them said it is satanic. Some said it is an Islamic symbol. And all that. They know that they are just being dishonest to themselves with such untenable reasons. Stingy with the truth. And obviously they have been very uncomfortable with the Akachi Tower, which has also added current to their desperation to pull it down. The story today is that their latest night operations to bring down the monument was occasioned by the victories of Rochas Okorocha and his men at the Election Petition tribunals. To them, it was the power innate in Akachi tower that brought about the tribunal victories. And they needed to bring it down so that it would not also give Uche Nwosu Victory. And these are people who claim to be educated and also claim to be Christians.
All in all, one fact remains sacrosanct and incontrovertible. The fact that the PDP government in the State and those piloting its affairs are cowed or uneasy or intimidated by the Akachi tower. There must be a reason or reasons they are not at ease or at home with the Akachi Tower. They have their fears. They are in possession of the cause of their fears. I am murmuring here. Somewhat soliloquizing. When people are allergic to a structure called Akachi and not Aka Ekwensu, such people are indebted to who knows? Insinuations and innuendoes are all English words. They can be put to use. Children of God do not know and should not know any other “Chi” except Chineke”. Akachi symbolizes Hand of God. And Rochas had a reason for that. Like I had earlier averred, the site was where criminals including ritual killers domiciled. So, when the place was freed, Owelle decided to erect Akachithere indicating that light has taken over or over-shadowed darkness. A place where criminal activities were the stocks in trade. This is simple logic. Why the whole noise? If the PDP elements know of any other “CHI” let them tell us. The one we know is Chineke or Chikere Eligwe na Uwa. God, the Creator of heaven and earth. As a person, I do not know of any other Chi. For me, with the symbolic hand of God there, it means the hand of God is upon the State. Even with the length, size and site of the Akachi tower. We know some of these PDP guys and where they belong. Where they pay their own tithes. And we can understand their fears or worries. We know their headache. They can tell their other stories to the marines or to those who do not know them. Some of us know the reason for all this noise. The whole fuss. Why was demolishing the tower considered a project that must be executed twenty-four hours after inauguration? Do you understand? Rochas Okorocha called it Akachi Tower. Let them tell us about their own “Chi”. Satan does not answer Chi or God. Evil spirits, demons, forces of darkness and the ocultic masters do not answer Chi. To us in Igboland, only God answers Chi. In Igboland, anything Chi connotes something good. Chineke, Chikereuwa, Chiamaka, Chibuzo, Chijindu, Chiabuola, Chimdi, Chinaka or Chilaka, Chimaraoke, Chinenyenwa, Chimaobi etal. So, can these elements tell us their main worry about “Akachi”. Why are they having sleepless nights over this innocent edifice called Akachi Tower. In case they think we do not know their problem, we know. The same reason they abandoned the Government House because of the Victory Chapel at the entrance of the place. That is the same reason they want to pull down the Akachi Tower. Symbolic Akachineke. Again, as we make all these claims, God who searches the hearts of all men and even women know the main reason those who want to demolish Akachi Tower are desperate of doing so. It is also on record that Rochas remodeled Ahiajioku Centre or building and knowing what that had stood for renamed it Imo International Investment Centre (IIC). This government came and immediately reversed to Ahiajioku Centre. Who is fooling who?
But you know what? Nobody can deceive God. Or has the capacity to deceive God. He has his own style. And quite different from our own styles. And people should be careful with anything concerning God. He is not a PDP or APC or AA or APGA member. He executes Judgements when situation calls for that. And also displays mercy when the circumstance necessitates that. In all, we shall Continue to clap for Jesus.


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