There is a looming crisis in Abuja, and this is not ‘crying wolf’- Thomas Okirika George


Sadly, this ban on keke napeps and okada riders, even as annoying and lawless as the riders have been, will create serious security issues in the city. Nowadays, there is a huge stream of able bodied, yet unskilled chaps, who are clearly idle, and will, as time goes by, resort to any possible means to survive this hard city. Most, have left their terrains as us all, in search of a better life. The difference between us is, apart from being unskilled, a greater number have migrated from the war ravaged northeast, where they mostly survived by farming, for fear of becoming victims of an unexplainable war which has refused to come to a logical conclusion. Farmlands in these areas create a vulnerability for those who actually farmed.
It is clear that the FCDA and its leadership, obviously did not think this action through, as no safety nets have been provided.
There is a looming crisis, and this is not ‘crying wolf.’ Something needs to be done, and fast!!!!!!


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