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Why Twitter Has Not Started Functioning In Nigeria Despite The Ban Suspension By FG

President Buhari made it known in his Independence Day address that the ban placed on Twitter has been suspended. It will be of note that Twitter was suspended from operating in Nigeria because some users have reportedly been using the platform to propagate fake news, promote ethnic and religious sentiment and organise, coordinate and execute criminal activities in the country.

Many Nigerians rushed to the microblogging platform to check their old accounts after the announcement of the suspension of the Twitter ban by President Buhari but discovered that the site was not yet functioning.

Here are reasons why the operation of Twitter has not fully resumed in Nigeria.

According to the announcement made by President Buhari, the suspension of Twitter had been lifted, but there were some conditions that the platform must meet before Nigerians are allowed to continue usage. This was why those who were rushing to the platform were unable to access their page.

1. The platform must first agree to Nigeria’s national security operations and be ready to work with and assist the Nigerian government in the area of security.

2. Twitter should be registered as a company in Nigeria with offices and employ physical employees to represent it in Nigeria.

3. They are to pay taxes in Nigeria just like other registered companies. Accepting the tax payment is also one of the conditions that the Federal government wants Twitter to agree with before their operation can be fully functioning for Nigerians.

4. Twitter should also agree to make itself available to settle grievances and other disputes as well as creating an avenue that will allow the publication and dissemination of some local content information in Nigeria.

Twitter needs to meet these conditions before Nigerians can have access to the use of their platform. These are the reasons why the platform is not yet accessible to Nigerians despite the suspension of the ban placed on them.

Do you think Twitter will be willing to meet all these requirements and agree to all these conditions? Share your view.

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