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EKHA Speaker Formalizes Marital Status With His 20yrs-long heartthrob. By Tola-Ajayi Odoko

Congratulations ma , happy married life

Bride: Thanks so much.

Can you tell me about yourself?

Bride: I am Mrs Kikelomo Alagbada. I’m from Ise Ekiti.

Can you tell us why it has taken you so long to formalize your marriage?

Bride: I can only tell you that God’s time is always the best.

You are looking so radiant, what’s your secret.

Bride: It has been the Grace of God and peace of mind.

For how long have you been with your husband?

Bride: we have been together for 20years and still counting.

How many issues has this marriage been blessed with and what special value do you imbibe in them?

Bride: The children have been wonderful. I have trained them to respect everyone that comes their way and that they should be contented with what they have and not let the status of their parents get into their heads. And I make sure they put God first in whatever they do.

How does your husband manage the various roles he plays as a politician, husband and a father?

Bride: I told you it had been God all the way. My husband has been a wonderful husband and father. He cherishes his family so much. He has never been found wanting in the affairs of his home despite his busy schedule. He stays with his family anytime he’s not at work.

How has he been combining politics alongside his marriage?

Bride:  Like I’ve said, I have been coping without any problem since I understand the kind of job my husband is engaged in.

Talking about your beauty, tell us more about the secret.

Bride: I eat good food and I don’t take junks. I sleep well and I exercise. I love football. Most of all I pray to God for directions.

Can you give us some perspective to home front despite your busy schedule? Do you give any project you are engaged in?

Bride: For now I’m not involved in any project.  I’m always home except on occasions where I have to join the first lady on some assignments. But in the nearest future, I may put up some projects.

As the wife of the speaker, how do people relate to you?

Bride: Though people accord me with more respect, but then I’m still my self.

What does it take to be the wife of a public figure?

Bride: Nothing special but it make you more responsible and you have to comport yourself always. You must show example of what a good woman should be as other women look up to you for inspiration.

What’s your advise to women out there especially our young women?

Bride: I advise that they should be focused, independent and contented with what they have.  Like the saying; that whatever a man can do, a woman can do better, they should be good in whatever they are set to do and with the Grace of God the future is bright.

Thank you for your time ma. Congratulations once again.

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