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God bless Ekiti…

Erelu Bisi Fayemi (Ekiti State 1st Lady) & The Wife of deputy Governor, Chief (Mrs) Margaret Egbeyemi, examining some works of arts at the Ekiti State Arts, Culture and Talent Fair in Ado-Ekiti as the inauguration ceremony events for the the new government continues….

Ekiti State Arts, Culture and Talent Fair was a fun filled event, Ekiti indigenes from different local governments came with their wares and displayed them. From the basket weavers, to mat weavers, shoe makers, well packaged Iru (locust beans), aso oke weavers, Adire and so on.

It was a wonderful initiative by the wife of Ekiti State governor, Erelu Bisi Fayemi, a pleasant woman who is trying to project Ekiti in good light, may God bless her abundantly.

What caught many perspon’s present at the event attention was a young man, 17 years old, a native of Ado Ekiti who dropped out of school due to lack of funds. His story continued… he will like to go back to school and become the first graduate in his lineage, he is very smart, he wasn’t invited to the event but he did all he could to get into the venue and boldly walked up to me.

Please if there is anyone reading this and can help this young man, kindly contact him through his dad, we shouldn’t allow such a talent go to waste.
His dad’s number is 08038567772, the young man’s name is Toluwani Omokehin.

kindly help to share this post, I pray help locates this young man so as to fulfil his dream and aspirations.

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