Human Angle story: Anambra State House of Assembly Nnewi North Constituency.


Human Angle story: Anambra State House of Assembly Nnewi North Constituency.

How APGA candidate Nonso Okafor won House of Assembly after YPP candidate Dr Obinna Ngonadi insulted him for being the child of a woman who fries Akara (bean cake).

Two candidates from Nnewichi, Nnewi came out during APGA primaries as candidates to represent Nnewi North LGA in Anambra State House of Assembly.

Dr Obinna Ngonadi is the son of a very rich man in Nnewi. He had his PhD in London. His father owns a factory. He introduces himself as the son of his father because he has no identity of his own, other than being attached to his father’s company. His father spent millions of naira for his campaign and other ‘big men’ also supported him.

Meanwhile, Mr Smart Nonso Okafor is a poor fatherless young man but very intelligent and an orator. His father died when they were young. His widowed mother fries and sells (bean cakes) “akara” and with people’s help, she managed to train her kids. Smart Nonso schooled at Oko Polytechnic and was a SUG President. He has also held so many positions in Youth Organizations in Anambra State.

During campaign, DR Obinna said he is so much qualified after all he is the son of Chief and it would be best suited to represent Nnewi peoples and that his opponent, Mr Smart Nonso “bu nwa nwanyi na eghe akara” (son of akara woman) “so he is not qualified”.

This statement angered Nnewi people and they campaigned for Mr Smart Nonso instead. Some candidates who wanted to contest within APGA for the said post withdrew and started supporting Mr Smart Nonso.

After the primaries, Mr Smart Nonso won and Doctor Obinna entered YPP and won the ticket to run for the said post. Again, his father ” pumped more money for his election campaign.

During the House Of Assembly election of last Saturday, people paid money to all akara frying women, provided firewood and ground beans and ask them to keep frying akara. Akara was declared free of charge in Nnewichi. Vote for Smart Nonso and eat as much as you want.

After the election, Doctor Obinna and his father with other rich men supporting them were bent on thwarting the result but God of the poor widowed mother said NO..

Eventually Mr Smart Nonso was declared winner. There is jubilation everywhere in Nnewi.

You see why it is wrong to look down on people!


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