Map of Nigeria 1834


Map of Nigeria 1834.

Map prepared by Commander W.M.Allen, who variously travelled the River Niger especially between the Delta all the way up to Lokoja and Bussa. This map being further proof that the name “Nigeria” had been applied to the areas surrounding the River Niger and in this case more specifically to the country now known as Nigeria. This is significant specifically because Dame Flora Shaw in her 1905 work “A Tropical Dependency: An Outline of the Ancient History of the Western Soudan” at par 2 of page 7 specifically states: “Nigeria as we call our latest dependency- is not properly a name, it cannot be found upon a map that is 10 years old.”. This is clearly a false statement, as this map very clearly shows. This map was drawn in 1834: i. 25 years before Shaw was born; b. 63 years before her January 8 1897 article “Nigeria” where she allegedly coined the name Nigeria, and: c. 61 years earlier than the 10 year absolute date-line parameter she states that the name Nigeria cannot be found on any map. My “gonzo” (self published) e-book dealing with this is coming out on Wednesday.

I found the map in the course of research at the UK National Archives in January this year, it is in a volume called “Picturesque views of the Niger” published by Commander W.M.Allen. This is searchable by anyone who is interested in verifying this.


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