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She’s 20 year old and the new tennis queen who ruffled and discomfited Serena Williams..

She’s actually a black girl born to a Black Haitian-American father and Japanese mother. She was surenamed after the city of Osaka where she was born for private reasons. Her father Leonard Francoise originally from Haiti relocated back to the US when she was 3 years old.. She’s defeated world no 1 Maria Sharapova before Serena Williams.

But here’s the very interesting part.

In racially homogeneous Japan, Osaka is considered hāfu, which is Japanese for biracial. Her Japanese grandfather was furious when he found out that her mother was romantically involved with a black man. As a result of the interracial relationship, her mother did not have contact with her family for over ten years.. But when she won the US open, her grandfather cried for she brought fame and honor not just to Japan but to his family.. He forgot the past as she became the first Japanese dead or alive not only to qualify for the finals of the grandslam but to win it..

For winning the US open, she earned $3.7m. All together she’s worth $7.3 m. And this is minus her new endorsement deals with Nissan motors for 3years worth undisclosed millions of dollars, again with Addidas and Nissi foods company based in Japan worth several millions of dollars. This is her best time yet. She should be about $20m if not more by now.

You see, God doesn’t consult your past to determine your future.. He’s expert at creating a MESSAGE from what looks like a MESS..
Out of the mess between David and Barsheeba, He created the message that became Solomon..

Congratz to a beautiful, amazing sister and authentic black woman, Naomi Osaka..
arry everyone along.

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