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The Federal Minister of Finance, Mrs Kemi Adeosun, has resigned her appointment and Mr. President has already accepted her letter of resignation.
However, permit me to raise some issues pertinent to this case to prevent future reoccurrence of a similar incident and ensure that all Nigerian citizens at home and abroad are fairly and equitably treated:

1) Why should we not recognize the equivalence of post-graduation working experience abroad and the one-year post-graduation national youth corps service?
2) Why should we penalize Nigerians who, out of sheer patriotism, decide to come back home to contribute their quota to national development?
3) Imagine the case of a Nigerian, who lived abroad but did not go to school there, coming back home. He is ineligible to join the NYSC and is automatically free to work or serve the country as he/she desires.
4) These arguments are not meant to condone any act of misconduct but to point out the oddities and anomalies involved and the need for an immediate review of the NYSC Act by the National Assembly.

K. A. Familoni, PhD
Up Nigeria 🇳🇬

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