Nigerians are not interested in rhetoric.

Atiku Media team thinks it’s time to start batting back and forth. Naah! Nigerians are not interested in rhetoric.

Atiku will tell us exactly what he did in 8 years as VP, to deserve being president. He will tell Nigerians why he has the attention span of a toddler, in a serious thing like leadership politics.

More importantly, WHY his name is so embroiled in criminal activity that the USA will not grant him a visa to enter.

And now that he is running to be president, we would like to know HOW he made all that money. From being a petty custom officer.

Being president is a serious affair. Atiku media is mistaken to think it’s business as usual. Any and every thing Atiku has claimed over the years must check out.

Welcome to the Straight Talk Express

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