On Hon Eneh Victor Chigozie Arrest By The Police CID, Awka Comr Harris Chuma  writes


On Hon Eneh Victor Chigozie Arrest By The Police CID, Awka Comr Harris Chuma  writes


Hon Eneh  Victor Chigozie is a prominent Social Media Influencer in Anambra Cyber Space, unarguably he remains the most controversial online Critic of Chief Willie Obiano’s administration.

It is also on record that  Eneh Victor Chigozie has been a torn in the flesh of the former Political Adviser to the Governor Chief Chinedu Obidigwe who is currently APGA flag bearer for Anambra East and West Federal constituency. Eneh Victor have been saddled with the task of running series of politicalyl motivated articles for and against Chief  Obidigwe’s political ambition and his social activities in the state.  As social critic and political pundit, Eneh who is gifted in investigative journalism have kept his audience and followers glued to his Facebook Community Page known as APGA INTERACTIVE FORUM AIF a convergence of some sort for Social Media Practitioners, politicians, civil servants, business men and women, students, corporate bodies,  political parties, elites and grassroots. AIF serves as the one-stop shop for information super high way, sharing news items, events,people and places.


Expectedly, every serious politician in Anambra visits AIF on daily basis,if not hourly, just to keep abreast with trending political issues in and around Anambra State. Many use AIF to run their online campaigns.


Eneh Victor Chigozie have consistently deployed AIF to run political campaigns, events promotion, products advertisements, and good governance advocacy. A platform he deploys to air his political views, and even give members opportunity to interact and air their varied opinions on trending issues.


Just lastnite, the news  of Eneh’s detention went viral. it was reported that  Chief Chinedu Obidigwe was behind the arrest of Hon Eneh Victor Chigozie who was whisked away in Enugu by men of State CID Awka. As I write,  the news making round is that  Hon Eneh Victor Chigozie has been released on bail by the police subject to further investigations.


Umunnem, may I use this medium to advise that the issue of character defamation as alleged by Chief Obidigwe should be treated with every sense of civility. I want to advise here that no matter what has happened Eneh should not be subjected to unnecessary incarceration simply because of his journalistic underpinnings.


Politically, this decision to drag Eneh up and down is ill-timed,at best ill -concieved, and should not be a reason for political foes to misconstrue issues as an attempt to gag the media in Anambra. I wished this issue never came up in the first place. It’s needless and uncalled for,  uncalculated and regrettably unfortunate. Egbe belu Ugo belu.


All eyes should be on the ball, not on frivolities.


ENEH VICTOR CHIGOZIE SHOULD BE LET OFF THE HOOK. Let’s give the media freehand without any incumbrances, dissenting voices should be tolerated in a democracy. Even the echoing vuvuzela from the opposition should not be a distraction.  All na politics! Leave Eneh Victor Chigozie and move on. Don’t make him a Super Star Over nite. In all, caution should be the watchword.


We are who we are because of what you think we are.   Let peace reign in our lives.




Comr Harris Chuma

Ogene Igbo


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