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Reminisce from campaign train Oluomo & JKF

Going by #JKF’s comments on Podium at Ayede, & recent fallout within North Senatorial District Leaders regards The Lawsuit by Chief Segun Oni; Coupled with the reluctance or strategy on display by other possibly viable Senate aspirants…..
I won’t be far from correct by saying Oluomo Segun Osikolu remains the most viable aspirant in Free & Fair Primary as at today.

Reminisce from campaign train

“It doesn’t mean if I, Fayemi become Governor, my younger brother/friend/Aburo OLUOMO cannot become Senator. We have produced Governor here before while Senator came from Oye, we have produced governor here before while senator came from Iludun, a community not far at all from Isan.
Imposition is not allowed in APC, everything is based on Primaries.”

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