Saraki, PDP again demonstrate bad faith to personal NASS aides

1. Nigerians would like you @bukolasaraki @YakubDogara to confirm or deny the allegation that legislative aides/workers have not been paid their salaries and allowances totally N5bn for months. This is unfair at a time each lawmaker is collecting over N13m monthly allowance

2. If it’s true, the non-payment of salaries and allowances of these legislative aides would amount to exploitation of labour and a serious violation of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) to which Nigeria is a state party.

3. The ICESCR recognizes the right of everyone to the enjoyment of just and favourable conditions of work. Such conditions must ensure: regular remuneration.

4. The ILO has developed a comprehensive body of conventions that address virtually every aspect of workers’ rights. Nigeria has ratified several of these conventions, including the ILO Convention on the Protection of Wages (No. 95), which guarantees regular payment of wages.

5. The failure by the leadership of @nassnigeria to pay salaries and allowances at a time each lawmaker collects over N13m monthly allowances with some receiving double pay, is discriminatory and unfair.

6. Failure to pay salaries and allowances violates article 6 of the ICESCR on the right to work. The right to work is essential for realizing other human rights such as the right to health, education, and forms an inseparable and inherent part of human dignity.

7. Failure to pay legislative aides’ salaries and allowances is tantamount to penalising them, and as the International Labour Organization has ruled, menace penalty amounts to forced labour and economic exploitation. This is because the aides have not offered to work without pay

SERAP will consider appropriate legal action should the leadership of @nassnigeria @NGRSenate @HouseNGR @bukolasaraki @YakubDogara fail/continue to refuse to take prompt action to ensure the full payment of ALL outstanding salaries and allowances of the affected legislative aides

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