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Nationwide, there’s an unprecedented wave of female candidates — many of them first-timers — running for office up and down the ballot this year. A special fature on ekiti state, spotlighting women in Progressive Politics.

It is an empirical fact that women in Nigeria haven’t been nearing their optimal potential regards contributing to the development of Nationhood simply because of low level participation in politics.

This is particularly surprisingly so in southwest Nigeria as the usual mitigating factors to their participation in politics as readily experienced in other regions of Nigeria are at minimal in the southwest. The Level of self consciousness, exposure and acceptability of western culture and sophistication surpasses the contemporary socio-economic and cultural factors such as religion, traditional beliefs and cultures which creates a huge barrier for most women in other ethnic groups, which have made their participation a near impossible task. Though other incumbrances (notably lack of internal democracy in political parties, money politics, god-fatherism syndrome and unfavourable terrain of politics) remain, these to a Moremi, to a Chief Alimotu Pelewura,
to a Chief Funmilayo Ransom-Kuti (MON), to a Olufunke Baruwa etc are surmountable challenges!
Institutionalized efforts to bridge gaps in women participation in politics has gone beyond paper exercise or lip service in southwest Nigerian as our womenfolk have taken it upon themselves to deliberately tackle the characterised thuggery, zoning and other forms of administrative fiat through various collective Legal self assist mechanisms of empowerment. Definitely, the era of system sophistry to suppress gender equality is on the decline in Ekiti as exemplified by the political career achievements of personalities likes Her Excellency (Late) Funmilayo Adunni Olayinka, Her Excellency Prof Modupe Adelabu, Chief Mrs Ronke Okunsanya, ambassador Eniola Ajayi amongst others in Ekiti Polity.

Pursuit of Political justice brings Prosperity & Peace; Amongst the topmost demanded “Political Justice” issues of our time in Nigeria today is the empowerment of our womenfolk at every possible opportunity courtesy the demanded 35% guaranteed female participatory role.

*My unfeigned congratulations to the system and those behind the campaign that found worthy of recognition to encourage/provide the political atmosphere for the emergence of 4 credible grassroots female politicians as progressive candidates for the Sixth Ekiti State House of Assembly. Wishing Princess Teju Okuyiga (Gbonyin Constituency), Mrs Kemi Famuagun Balogun (Ado Constituency 2), Hon. Pastor Olubunmi Adelugba (Emure Constituency) & Chief Mrs Yemi Ayokunle (Ekiti south-west constituency) victory at the February 2019 General Elections and success at the new assignment of legislation.*

I cherish the civility of your audience and will end with a message particularly to the aforementioned Ekiti State Female Legislator Aspirants….

“The people before you prepare the way for you to attain. They expect you to watch their back.
The people behind you protect your back. But expect you to lead them in the right direction.
The people with you, protect your flanks and ensure you don’t walk alone. They like good company.

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