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You can’t claim character assassination for an already killed character

Despite the degree of free latitude of interaction between and on offer between Constituency Home-based State “Powers that be” and members of NASS at Abuja, recent events at the NASS should dictate that we send men and women of character who can represent National Interest as against Personal gains….

When your soul overflows with manipulation and your hands are in every evil. After a while you begin to physically look the part. Shifty, beady eyes and all…


1. Your restlessness, distractions, actions and inactions at grassroots level whilst #StarBoy was on ministerial national assignment brought to life an otherwise manageable benign situation within the Political Fold in the state…. Not even minding your discrete fraternization with #Osoko

2. You offered at least 2 Co-aspirants deputy governorship slot for your Dead On Arrival Gubernatorial Aspiration at the expense of Loyalty to “StarBoy”.

Is it your numerous loyalists/followership that you hung to dry while waiting for your public gubernatorial declaration which NEVER CAME; amongst many that recently suffered exclusion from consideration for EKHA seat that we should mention?
“Only a coward awakens a woman’s love with no intention of loving her. The fact that she loves you a lot gives you no justification to treat her like trash.”

3. Till you finally settled for this current HoR aspiration, don’t forget that while grappling for the Senatorial ticket you had equally simultaneously promised 3 individuals the Rep slot if they work for your aspiration!

If you cast aspersion on the above, Names and venue can be reproduced to a reasonably precision.

4. We must take sides.
“Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” – Elie Wiesel

Political correctness in this instance will be unacceptable particularly if it is been based on premordial sentiments that include…..
During the last Progressive administration in #Ekiti he touched many lifes…..well yes he did touch many lifes for good and bad!! Depending on the side of the divide you find yourself, opinions and strength of arguments vary.


In conclusion, the tale of the two AJIROBAS won’t be complete if I don’t use these two phrases….
“An old woman is always uneasy when dry bones are mentioned in a proverb.” and “When you’re outstanding, you aren’t limited to a corner”.

If you are an Ajiroba, choose from the above which favors your situation.
A kì í dámọ̀nràn àti tà’kìtì lágbàlá ọ̀bọ, nítorí ọ̀bọ fúnrara rẹ̀ ọba òkìtì ni. /
Never toy with somersaults in the vicinity of a monkey; monkeys, themselves, are experts at somersaulting.
[Remain modest and circumspect; make no public show of your weaknesses.]

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