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The aspirations of Akin Omo Akin has continuously grown familiar among the people and also stakeholders of Ikole and Oye constituency, which he seeks to represent at the Federal level in 2023.

Akin Rotimi who by all indications becomes a front line aspirant has continuously reeled out his manifesto of hope and progress in every given opportunity to address leaders of the party and the people.

It is without doubt that with the robust expertise that Akintunde Rotimi displays, he is very much set and will be ready to hit the ground running when eventually nominated on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (A.P.C) and in extension win the House of Representatives elections in 2023.

On very numerous instances it has been recounted that, Akin Rotimi who is very willing to operate an open door pattern of legislature would also harp on the empowerment of the people through various initiatives and facilitating of loan procurement for small business owners, likewise the setting up of skill acquisition to impact both the young and aged in the constituency.

In addition to this, Akin Omo Akin is promising to attract more Federal government contributions to the constituency, through proper legislative diplomacy with the Federal ministries of interest in order to secure the necessary infrastructural boost the constituency needs to compete properly with other developing societies.

The actualisation of the realistic and clear cut agenda of Akintunde Rotimi Jnr for Ikole/Oye Federal constituency can best be achieved by the support of a very bright aspirant into the office of a Federal Legislator representing our constituency.

Hence a clarion call is continuously being made to the people and political stakeholders of Ikole/Oye Federal constituency to:

👍🏻VOTE Akin Rotimi Jnr as Member Representing Ikole/Oye Federal Constituency seat at the House of Representatives, Abuja.

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