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How police freed me despite knowing my involvement in several robberies — Suspect

A suspected armed robber, Enioluwa Adedayo, aka Judgement, has explained why the police allowed him to go knowing fully well that he had carried out several robbery operations in Lagos and Oyo States.

The 23-year-old suspect, described as one of the most dreaded robbers in Ibadan, had been terrorising the Oyo State and parts of Lagos State.

According to the police, Judgement and members of his gang carried out operations on motorcycles, dispossessing victims of valuables at gunpoint.

The suspect has once been arrested for robbery, but rather than charge him to court, he was allowed to go.

Recalling his arrest and release, Adedayo said: “There was a time we went to rob a man after we got information he had money in his house.

“We were six men that went for the operation, but we didn’t succeed.

“People heard us and chased after us.

“While running, I broke my leg and was caught and handed over to the police.

“I spent a month in police detention and was released when the pains from my leg worsened.

“The people that brought me to the police station also stopped coming.

“I went home, where my colleagues, Corporal and others, took care of me.

“Corporal and the rest of the gang continued to go for operations and would bring my own share to me.

“I rejoined the gang after I got well.”

Judgement is allegedly feared because of his penchant for killing victims who refused to cooperate.

He started off as a motorcycle thief in 2016 and graduated into robbery in 2018.

He told the police that he has lost count of his robberies.

He is presently a guest of the Operatives of the Inspector-General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team, Oyo State annex.

The operatives, in Oyo State, led by a Deputy Superintendent of Police, Baba Kaka, got information about Judgement’s activities in March 2020 and started investigating him.

He was tracked to his girlfriend’s place, where he went to receive treatment for gunshot injuries.

After his arrest, Judgement assisted police in the arrest of a gang member, Sunday Olubushe, aka Ajegunle.

A police source said: “The three-man-gang of robbers is headed by Judgement.

“Other members are Tunde and Lekan.

“The gang has carried out a series of operations, using motorcycles.

“They also operated in Osun and Lagos States.

“They target people going to work and those returning from vigils.

“They have robbed several internet fraudsters and business owners.”

The Police stated that the gang had three operational guns, and that Tunde, aka Kasari, is the gang’s second-in-command.

A police source said: “We’ve been on the gang’s trail for a long time, but in late March, 2020, at Mokola area of Ibadan, Kasari robbed a guy of his handset.

“The robbery attracted the attention of some soldiers.

“The soldiers accosted one of their motorcycles and there was an exchange of gunfire.”

The gang has two riders: Lekan, aka Waris, and Olubushe.

After the shootout with the soldiers, Judgement escaped by scaling the nearest fence.

The operatives recovered a locally made pistol and expended cartridges from him.

The source further stated: “During investigation, we discovered that after collecting victims’ phones, they remove the SIM cards and give it to one Sherrif, aka Alakpa.

“He uses them to hack into victims’ bank accounts and steal their money.

“The gang confessed to have killed two persons during operations.

“One was killed at the Ibadan airport area, in the presence of his wife, while the second victim, a woman, was killed in a bar after she refused to give up her phone and money to Judgement.”

The suspect said one Baba Esther was in charge of procuring guns for them at the rate of N30,000, while another man, Lambe, gets ammunition for the gang at N17,000.

Judgement said: “My father is a mechanic, working in Ibadan.

“He married three wives.

“I’m his first child.

“I left secondary school in 2013 and enrolled as an apprentice hairstylist.

“A year and six months into my training, my master asked me to go and raise money for my freedom.”

He took to commercial motorcycle riding to raise the money, but couldn’t.

He then met Lekan, aka Corporal, who introduced him to robbery.

He and Lekan started stealing and selling motorcycles.

In 2018, Judgement got information from one Damola that a house owner around the airport area has money in his house.

The gang went to the house, but the owner of the house attacked Judgement with an iron bar, leaving him bleeding.

Judgement said: “I asked my boys to hold the man to the ground and used a machete found in the man’s house to hack him to death.

“We were forced to abandon the operation because the man made too much noise.

“We left without getting the money we came looking for.

“The second person I killed was in March 2020.

“We attacked a woman running a beer parlour at about 11pm in the Ojo area.

“We were on ‘Stop and Search’ when we saw the woman, about closing for the day.

“We entered her shop, pointed a gun at her and ordered everyone in the shop to lie on the floor.

“One of my boys, Tunde, grabbed the woman’s bag and when we were about leaving, the woman put off her shop light and poured drinks on my face.

“She held me and tried to prevent me from escaping.

“I got infuriated and I shot her.

“She died on the spot.

“We collect victims’ phones, ATM cards and give them to our internet banking hackers.

“These hackers use the ATM and mobile phones to empty victims’ accounts.

“I make between N70,000 and N80,000 on every ‘stop and search’ operation, but I spend all the money on women, clothes and hotels.

“I don’t have a house because I stay in hotels.

“Hoteliers believe I’m a cyber-fraudster because of the way I threw money around.”

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