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Kaduna Assembly Crisis – The True Story. By Auwal Salisu Mando

The quiet political atmosphere reigning in Kaduna State since the 2019 elections was rancorously broken last week Thursday when videos surfaced on social media with a number of legislators engaging in an open brawl. By the end of the day, a new Deputy Speaker was sworn in, a former speaker Aminu Shagali slapped multiple times and another legislator popularly known as Liman was seen bleeding from what appeared to be several direct punches to his nose.

Subsequent stories have emerged about the former Deputy Speaker, Hon. Hazo elected just two months ago, who had broken ranks with Speaker Zailani and, according to reports, wanted the speaker impeached.

Keen political watchers have however identified the political hand whose plans towards the 2023 elections involve a firm control of the State Assembly. The person in question has thus detailed his disciples led by a member of the House of Representatives, a former Speaker and member to impeach and have himself at the helm of affair given that he, according to speculators, is unlikely to support his bid for the Governorship race.

In the run up to the failed impeachment, this group have severally met in Abuja and Kaduna before the COVID 19 pandemic which unfortunately slowed down the grand plan. The plan is to take over the leadership of the House of Assembly or to create a dichotomy that’ll not form a quorum for future sittings and cripple legislative activities thereby arm twisting the government of Mallam Nasiru Elrufai starting with the delay in the passage of the revised 2020 appropriation bill.

Interestingly, this group have also perfected plans to remove the Deputy Governor in the coming months as part of a broader plan to trade with and offer to a new strong coalition/ alliance of their 2023 game plan.

This group have reached out to a former senator from northern zone who is known in the political terrain to be a grand schemer to join at the later stages of their plot in order to galvanize their support base in the march to the race for political offices.

Others still pointing the hands of blame all the way to Lagos as part of a wider plan for the Presidency in 2023. Whatever the motives, Kaduna is certain to remain interesting in the run up to the next elections.

Auwal Salisu Mando wrote from Kaduna

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