By Ifeanyi Ubakanwa

When one sees how Nigerians become captive to new governments and castigate the former ones, one could easily say that they don’t deserve any kind of pity. If they don’t pity themselves, why pity them?

But for the level of our civic and political enlightenment, I write to use the ongoing rascality of Jasper Ndubuaku committee set up by the Imo state government to opine that government is a continuum and should be handled with caution.

No matter the level of abomination committed by the government of Sen. Rochas Okorocha, Rochas is still not the devil and there are so many ways the new administration could go about what need to be done without the noise and brigandage of the Jasper Ndubuaku recovery committee.

Before you accuse me of taking sides, I was never a part of the Rochas administration, I did not receive a kobo contract from him, I am not keeping any money for him. Because he is human, I will not say that I am totally satisfied with everything he did and the way he conducted the affairs of the state, but I have listened to almost all the new governors that took over the reins of government since May 29, 2019. All of them are saying the same thing. The new Governor of Ogun state specifically said he met an empty treasury and had to call one or two of his friends who are MD’s of banks to borrow workers salaries so that his administration will not begin with labour unrest. Gov. Emeka Ihedioha did not say he met an empty treasury.

Ogun state is not in the news because, there are many ways to kill a rat. Of course “He is the greatest who overcome his enemy without a blow” says a Japanese proverb.

As a gentleman and ex-legislator of the 1st importance, the government of Chief Emeka Ihedioha should call the ganster recovery panel to order because even during the military government, the peaceful people of Imo did not experience such primitive tactics.

I do not know how an erudite administrator like the governor came with this style of probe but for all I know, here or elsewhere, there are few governments that started with probing previous government and ended well. What more in this fashion.

Every reasonable effort should be set in motion to recover whatever advantage Sen. Okorocha may have taken against Imo people, but not this way. Imo is my state and as a stakeholder, I want to hear good story and well thought out policy initiatives and headlines.

May the Lord give the new Governor the kind of wisdom he gave to King Solomon.


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