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Dear Colleagues, good evening to you all.
What played out yesterday during our general meeting with liadi is an act of executive rascality taken too far, which unfortunately is now becoming a norm in our great institution, the Den, despite our best place to work mantra. This negates international best practice in a global bank such as ours. Sadly, most of our people are now beginning to accept it as the new rule, Onwa will not. Even Tony who owns this bank is always polite in his engagements with staff, no matter the grade level. I have worked with him from our Standard Trust bank days and can attest to that as am sure most of you would.
Perhaps, the time has come to put a stop to this charade we call marketing, where hapless staff are subjected to severe pressure to bring deposit at all cost from nowhere all in a bid to massage the ego of a few idle executives. Situations where married women and indeed others as well are put under consistent severe pressure to even compromise their integrity in the name of deposit drive is not sustainable. This is not right and has to change. Perhaps the time has come to put a human face to this job and a re-direction in approach in line with what is obtainable in other countries where we have presence.
In my attached mail to liadi, wherein I copied the board, I made it clear to him and indeed the bank that this unprovoked slanderous attack on my impeccable integrity over a matter as simple as scorecard review will be redressed squarely. You don’t call people such unprintable names because a customer or deposit they brought to the bank is temporarily taken by the customer. It is beyond comprehension. I am consulting with my solicitors and other relevant regulatory agencies to redress all of these wrongs.
Finally. I will take away the sweet memories we all shared together while on this journey. I am grateful for that. To my amazing team in the Senate; you will never walk alone.
I will always be an ambassador of the UBA brand and support it as I have always done in any way I can in this next phase. For now, my brethren, it is what it is. I love you all.
@Chinyere/Richard: Just in case the portal delays in popping up, please take this as my resignation notification effective today, the 15th of September, 2021.
Thank you all.
Dear Laide, good evening.
UBA Plc is a reputable organisation with presence across major financial centres in the world, thus reflecting its global reach and international best practice.
Whereas I have the highest regards for constituted authority and hold leaders in high esteem, I am constrained by my conscience to express my strong views regarding your unprovoked and unwarranted attack on my person. The extreme foul words you hauled at me during the general meeting held on the 14th of September, 2021 recorded on Teams platform is at variance with international best practice in employee/management relations for which our brank represents.
Calling me a fraud and armed robber in a recorded public meeting for an issue as simple as scorecard review cannot be rationalised in such a civilised and corporate environment as ours.
Having served this great organisation meritoriously for almost twenty years without blemish, impugning on my integrity without recourse to the corporate ideals of this great institution, our best place to work mantra, at your level is irremissible to say the least.
For the records the new template was just advised to us less than twenty-four hours to the meeting, staff are yet to understand it, account coding is still on-going, which actually caused the distortion on my scorecard, therefore calling me a fraud and thief for a template I am even yet to fully digest defies all sound logic. In the same score card that I grew total deposit by 92%? Of course the recent implementation of impairment charges on the Policy loan in our book is well known to you.
HR advised us in writing that the over-all supervision and responsibility of the branch is still domiciled with the branch head despite the new structure we are trying out, and therefore under my watch, we have grown the branch savings deposit by almost N500m YTD which is the highest in the region, we have booked over N3B in risk assets within this legislative session and returns the second highest contribution in the region on a consistent basis. On peer bank review, the business office has not gone below top two in NASS ranking, despite not having any management support or account, coupled with very restricted environment we are operating from. I am the only branch manager in the directorate that operates without an office and still deliver on our core deliverables which is the management of the Senators in our books, their business among others.
A few years ago, the management of the National Assembly directed via an official memo endorsed by the then Senate President and the Clerk, that all banks with two branches in NASS must close one branch, all other banks complied. This affected the bank, I stopped the NASS Management from closing any of our branches and from that time till now our B/O has contributed well over N1B in profit to the bank. This is in addition to several issues I have helped resolve for the bank at various Senate Committees. I need not elaborate here.
I therefore cannot under any circumstance be tagged a laggard or ‘a thief collecting free salary’ to quote your exact words. Your action has caused me severe professional calumny in addition to emotional distress which was both intentional and negligent. I am forwarding this mail to my lawyers to institute legal actions to redress all of these wrongs.
Finally, and most importantly, it is hoped that in seeking redress, those who have been your victims, will by my action find the courage to speak out against your deliberate unethical conduct in bullying, use of uncouth languages and humiliation with a view to bringing about the change the system must urgently deserves.
Thank you

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