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We’ll join call for self-determination if Nigeria is not restructured — OPU @arewacycle @2_amaechi @DefenceInfoNG @insideoyo @HumAngle_ #Nigeria @DAWNCommission

The Summit Meeting involving all Executive Council members of the Oodua Progressive Union on Sunday said the security situation in Nigeria is being coloured with nepotism, sectionalism and lack of competence.

Apart from the leading members, some OPU members from other parts of the Diaspora also joined the two prominent guest lecturers that were at the meeting to present their papers to broaden the knowledge and prepare members of the group for new assignments going forward.

Rising at the end of the highly technical meeting attended by all leaders and top delegates of the 17 European countries, where the OPU is currently established across Europe, the group expressed its displeasure at the present spate of insecurity in the country, lamenting that the ship of state appears to be rudderless as insecurity, banditry, Boko Haram Terrorists and Fulani herdsmen all appear to be having a field day.

The group, in a communique issued at the end of the meeting, said: “OPU is disturbed with the news coming from home, regarding the killing of a first-class Yoruba monarch, the Olufon of Ifon, Oba Adegoke Adeusi in Ondo state.

“We also condemned in totality the dastardly acts of Fulani herdsmen who yearly burn down Chief Olu Falae’s farm.

“In the same vein, we commend Àmòtékún in the rescue of the wife of the Chief of Staff to the Governor of Ondo State.”

The group also urged the Federal Government to embrace the calls for restructuring, pointing out that the issue, or Self Determination, is a national one.

It said such sensitive issues must be done in the spirit of protection of human rights and peaceful coexistence.

It added: After a careful observation of the 1999 Constitution, we realised that the document was unfit and unproductive, making it the source of nearly all our problems.

“As group that is poised for a greater nation, we therefore put up for immediate adoption of the 1963 Republican Constitution to be modified in line with the reality of the six geopolitical zones.

“This process, we believe, shall be the answer as to the Nigerian question and other matters needing interrogation.

“Nigeria must be restructured to regionalism.

“It is also in the interest of the entire country to use the 1963 Constitution as a genuine template for proper reference and reintegration, but if the FG fails to restructure this country, then we will have no option but to join the call for self determination.”

The Diaspora group expressed concern at the present economic situation in the country, saying it is sad that Nigeria is experiencing her third recession since the Buhari administration took over five years ago.

It lamented that the country is worst hit by this recession largely because of the closure of all the land borders, especially the Badagry-Seme border.

The OPU said: “This is a recession too many.

“The Naira now exchanges at ridiculous rates against foreign currencies, poverty now reigns supreme, with added weight and responsibility on those in the Diaspora to cater for the basic needs of their relatives at home.

“As concerned citizens of Nigeria abroad, we appeal to the FG to open all the land borders in the South West and across the country as an urgent measure to cushion the effect of this recession in the country.

“Allowing Dangote and another company from the North to pass through the so called ‘Closed Borders’ is yet another example of Executive manipulation.

“The whole matter of closing the borders, mainly in the South West, added in no small way to the economic woes that has fallen the South West in particular and Nigeria in general.

“The recession we experience today is a direct consequence of locking up the economy via the closure of the borders in the South West, whilst the borders in the northern parts continue to remain open and porous to terrorists.”

The group also commended the efforts of the Ààrẹ Ọ̀nà Kakaǹfò of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Abiodun Ige Adams, in tackling problems of insecurity in Yorubaland, saying the Yoruba generalissimo is always at the vanguard of ensuring peace and raising his voice against bad leadership and working towards achieving the best and effective security across the South West.

The statement, which was signed on behalf of the group by Chief Akingbayi Victor Mobolaji Adewale, OPU Europe Coordinator, and Olajide Sanni, OPU Secretary, Europe chapter, also enjoined the Governors of the South West to infuse into their respective security architectures, local intelligentsia made up of Oodua People’s Congress, Vigilante groups, Hunters and Agbekoya, that it said remain the true panacea for effective policing of the whole South West zone.

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